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Dr. Ir. Deepika Ramasamy Laksmhi

Post-Doc Researcher


deepika.lakshmi.ramasamy@ulb.be Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles
Campus du Solbosch - CP 165/63
Avenue F.D. Roosevelt, 50
1050 Bruxelles


 Dr. Deepika Ramasamy obtained her master degree (M.Sc.) in Chemical and Bioprocess engineering from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germany. She did her internship and master thesis at Fraunhofer IGB, Stuttgart, Germany, on the “Decomposition of perfluorocarbons (PFHA, PFOA, PFOS) by dielectric barrier discharge plasma reactor” (Dec 2023 -Nov 2014). Following her master studies, she pursued her doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering with focus on green chemical technology at Lappeeranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT), Finland. During her Ph.D., she worked on the academy of Finland project titled “Development of novel electrodeionization (EDI) system for the recycling of rare earth elements (REEs) and precious metals from mining effluents from Sept 2015 till August 2019. She worked on the development of hybrid organic-inorganic composite materials (silica, chitosan, activated carbon, carbon nanotubes and marine algae) for selective REE extraction from wastewater. She spent six months (Nov 2017-Apr 2018) during her Ph.D. study at WETSUS, the Netherlands, as a visiting researcher to design and develop electrodialysis (ED) and EDI systems for the separation and concentration of REEs from waste water. In June 2019, she successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the topic of “Selective recovery of rare earth elements from diluted aqueous streams using n- and o-coordination ligand grafted organic-inorganic hybrid composites”. Following that, she worked as a postdoc in the same lab from Aug 2019 till July 2020 at LUT, Finland, as a visiting postdoc from July 2021 till June 2022 at ULB, Belgium, and as a postdoc from Aug 2022 till Oct 2023 at VITO, Belgium. During her postdoc, she focused on the development of electrodes and membranes for chemical, electrochemical and membrane systems such as adsorption/ion-exchange, ED, EDI, capacitive deionization, microbial fuel cell and water electrolysis for resource recovery and energy production (H2 production, nutrient and REE recovery) applications. Currently, she is working as an FNRS postdoc from Nov 2023 at ULB, Belgium, researching in the topic of Development Of Next-Generation Smart Composite Membranes For The Recycling Of Critical Rare Earth Elements (SCOREE). 

Research Topics

At 4MAT, as a part of her FNRS project, she is working on developing ion-selective smart composite membranes for ED and other electrochemical membrane systems for the selective extraction of metal ions from waste streams (e.g. battery, magnet and other industrial waste), mainly focusing on critical elements such as REEs.

PhD Thesis



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