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PostDoc position in Materials Engineering and Characterization (4MAT, Université Libre de Bruxelles)



‘Local structural characterization of glass structure by Transmission Electron Microscopy: opalescent and phase separated glasses as case study ’

The Project:
The characterization of the amorphous structure of glass is still a major challenge in Materials Science. It is indeed much more complex than for their crystalline cousins. The local
characterization is even more complex. In the present project we propose to use Transmission Electron Microscopy to measure ‘Pair Distribution Fonctions (e-PDF)’ at the local scale in close collaboration with the world-renown Brussels-based company Nanomegas. The materials investigated will be opalescent glasses whose optical properties are tuned by the size of the nano- to micro-scale phase separation. Those glasses are developed in collaboration with the European Research Centre of AGC, world leader in flat glass production.

Promotor: Prof. S. Godet

You have:

  • A PhD degree in Engineering, Physics or Chemistry with a strong materials science background.
  • Developed a strong experience in Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • A very good to excellent level in English, certified by a TOEFL test. Knowledge of French is an asset.
  • Very good communication skills
  • Given talks in international conferences and published as first author in peerreviewed journals.

You are:

  • Motivated by a 1 to 3-year research project, funded by Innoviris.
  • Willing to work in collaboration with the industry
  • Eager to take part to the supervision of younger PhD or Master’s studentsEncadrer et entraîner les jeunes chercheurs (étudiants, mémorants, doctorants) lors de leurs activités en laboratoire. Inculquer aux plus jeunes la rigueur et le souci de la sécurité est une mission importante

We offer:

  • A great team, with many interactions with other universities and industrial partners
  • A laboratory with cutting-edge characterization tools
  • A (net) salary range of €2700 /month. The position is opened for immediate start. But we wait for the best candidat

Contact us and send your CV: Loic.Malet@ulb.be and come visit us: https://4mat.polytech.ulb.be

Updated on April 27, 2023