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SUSMETREES – SUstainable METallurgy REecycling & Energy Storage

Electrochemical recovery of lithium from various secondary sources

Description project :

Lithium batteries play a pivotal role in transition towards decarbonization and hence, sustainable lithium production and recycling it from various primary and secondary resources is of great importance. The doctoral thesis is focused on the lithium recovery by electrochemical extraction of lithium selectively from aqueous solutions and redox-mediated leaching of lithium from various solid resources. In the redox-mediated electrochemical leaching process, where the cathode active material will be treated with a redox mediator, followed by the regeneration of redox mediator in a membrane electrolysis reactor for the initial leaching process (Figure 1).
                      (where CAM – Cathode active material ; RM – Redox mediator ; TM – transition metals)

Mission(s) of 4MAT :

• Selective Li electrochemical extraction from aqueous solutions:
  - Electrodialytic and membrane electrolysis set ups with monovalent selective cation exchange membranes (MSCMs)
  - Delithiated intercalation electrode materials (e.g., FePO4 or λ-MnO2)

• Redox-mediated electrochemical leaching:
 - Using a non-toxic redox mediator 
 - Obviating the use of precipitating agent 
 - Regeneration of redox mediator for the initial electrochemical leaching step 

Contact(s) : P. VENKATESAN (Promotor) – W.C. KWOK (Researcher)


Updated on January 12, 2024